Arranged Marriage

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Knock, Knock!
Who’s there?
Arranged Marriage.
Arranged Marriage who?
Arranged Marriage’s coming to get you.

Thus, began the nightmare.
“Ah! So delicate and ripe she has grown,
With eyes like petals of lotus,
A small, celestial nose,
And a mouth as luscious
As two carpels of oranges.”
Her inviting smile
Exposes the pearly white teeth,
Tightened and shaped to perfection
With braces, when they could still be harnessed.

“We must find a suitable boy
Before she turns twenty.”
Such was the concern of a distant aunt.
“But, hurry! Lest she turns twenty-one.”

Thenceforth, the whole family –
Mom and dad and their brothers and sisters,
And their cousins and far-off cousins,
And their grown-up sons and daughters
Set out on a mission:
To search for the most convenient boy.

He must be rich, they all agreed,
“And handsome,
Even if he lacks sense of humour,
Even if he knows not,
How to treat a woman,
Or, love her for that matter.

“Their horoscopes must match. They all agreed.
How else will there be marital bliss?
So what, if he is ten years older
He shall treat her like a child.
And she too shall
Grow up worshipping him.

Days turned to months,
Months turned to years.
Years then turned grey and hopeless.

“Look at the fine lines of age!
How old is she?”
Twenty-five. They said with disdain.
“Must find a boy
Before her fire stops to burn.”
Such was the concern of her married cousin.
But, hurry! She is almost thirty!
Thus, the nightmare continued.

“Arrange a marriage
And marry her off promptly!”
(Who cares how the boy looks?)
She hears new things every day,
(So what, if he’s losing hair)
Learns new things here and there,
(And knows only missionary)
She is at the threshold of liberation.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. pseudonymous says:

    Lol @ he only knows missionary…this poems gold

    1. Iliena Bosu says:

      Hahaha I am glad you are amused by my poem. Thanks for reading it. 😀

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