The Perpetual Ache


Did you not wished
To be forgotten?

It is you who wanted
That you
Should be left alone;
The heartbroken recluse, is that not
What you had become?

It was you again,
Who hid from everybody.
Looking for an escape,
Instinctively endeavouring
To remain unseen.

Then why, at this moment,
You ache with the sorrow,
Which you had once
Familiarised yourself with?
Vowing not to feel
That perpetual ache again
You had vowed
Not to feel again.

Let those tears fall
If they must;
They have not seen
The light of the day.

She is one of the many.
She was one of the many best moments.
This too shall pass.
As she and others did.

I am here.
And I shall always be.


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