Whence It All Came

Edited in Lumia Selfie
Title: A Pleasant Day

In his reticence,
He smiled often,
Gazing into nothingness,
He wished for that
Which could have been his,
But was not:
His joy, his love,
His own little world
Within this obnoxiousness.

Within this obnoxiousness.
He covered himself with a jacket.
Even though,
It weighed him down
And suffocated him,
Yet, he wore it
As if it were his own skin;
He never parted with it.

He never parted with it.
The jacket hid the void,
Which he had become,
It dressed the emptiness
And forced a smile out of him.
As he sat in his stillness,
It hid the struggle.

It hid the struggle,
Which he had become underneath,
From heart to heart
And bit by bit
It hid the demon completely.
It hid his
Guns and cannons
And knives and swords
He conjured
From within.

From within,
His shrieks, his fears,
His desperation,
Gloom and loneliness,
Escaped through music,
With words,
In stills and abstraction
And colours.



Reticence: The keeping of one’s thoughts and emotions to oneself
Within this obnoxiousness: Within this world


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