Dear Friend

Image Source: Google Images|The Perks of Being a Wallflower

For some time, I miss you
Sometimes, and sometimes,
A glance of yours
I shudder from.

Sometimes, but,
When I see you
In the fraction of a moment,
It is enough to last a lifetime.

I wish to hear your voice,
Sometimes and
Sometimes, I am glad
Not all wishes come true.

At such times,
I hold my breath
And count to ten,
Thinking of the ten things
I hate about you.

Instead, I get carried away
By the hundred things
I love about you.

Sometimes, I write some
Meaningful lines
On some meaningless thoughts
We shared.

However, not all my
Cherished thoughts,
I can make you
A part of.

Sometimes, it is you I look for
In paintings, music and
My memories.

Sometimes, I find you
In words, my solace and faces
Other than yours.


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