We Are All Warriors

Athena (Minerva) Greek Goddess – Art Picture by J Rickey

You remind me of
Someone I know,
Someone who has been fighting
A war, inside
And outside, silently,
Someone hurting and
Yet enduring.

She is not the teary eyed one
Because she does not
Mourn anymore
She is good with her sorrows;
She has toughened.

You are no less of a warrior.
You have been carrying around
Colossal mountains of
Disappointments and anguish
Wherever you went.
Despite that
Your tiredness does not show.
How well you hide,
It is now set in your marrow.

Your eyes, like hers,
Tell tales of
An unending wait.
You, like her, let
Age and solitude
Feast upon you.
But don’t die her
Lonely death.
She doesn’t feel anymore.

All it takes is a heartbeat
To shatter the stillness of solitude,
To bring life back to life,
To know about another beating heart.

Let’s seek together togetherness,
Compassion and love
Because nothing is found
Without struggle;
We are all warriors.


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