A Mushy Little Love Poem


Image Source: Pintrest

The kindest emotion,
Which exists in nature – Love,
Which is breathed in with the air
And tasted with a kiss,
Who is anyone to say
When its story is
Worth retelling and
When it is sinful?

The sun, the moon
And the stars,
I see the universe
In your eyes;
I see the silver lining
When my past clouds
My mind and
Casts a shadow
Over my heart.

I picture us in the future,
I get a glimpse of our future,
Where you and I
Are surrounded by
The little joys of life,
And they brighten up
The darkest of nooks and crannies
Of our house.

The almighty, I praise,
For sending you to me.
When I fear the unknown,
Nothing feels safer
Than you.
I fight hard my laughter,
At such times,
But your dotty efforts,
Always win.

You already have a part of me,
Take the rest of me
When you go.
Who is anyone to say
Our love should die
When we die?


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