The Day Before Today

Double Self-portrait | Invisible Forces by Diana Blok & Marlo Broekmans 1979-1982

When I was there,
In the yesterday, I mean,
Some golden hours ago,
It was chaotic.
My yesterday held me back.
The ties more constricting,
More sleepless nights loomed.

I was in that moment
With Mitra,
Quite the explorer
She is; I am not.
I am like the frog
That was too afraid to
To take the leap.

When she held my hand,
I did not suspect
Or expect the silence.
It tiptoed over me
As silently as it could.

For the first time
In a long time
The condescending voices
In my head ceased to speak.
No fear suffocated me
At every intake of breath.
And the perennial heaviness
Weighing me down
In that same moment.

Did I die?
Could I finally be
One with the earth?
Was it time?

The silence
Touched us so gently,
Stupefied we stood there
And stared into its transparence.

I witnessed the transformation
Of Yesterday,
From a perfect pandemonium
To a serene nothingness
Only some shadows,
Formless and silent,
Appear as a gentle reminder.


Mitra (origin: Sanskrit) means a friend. It is also a popular Hindu name. This is a transcription of both the feminine form and the masculine form.

In this poem, Mitra is feminine.


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