Frankenstein’s Monster


Everybody wakes up
With a new hope
Of a new day;
A new life awaits them
With a new reason,
To be happy.
My creator too
Is one of them
For I am here
Because of him.

He cut me first
And sewed me next,
Piece by piece
Finding the perfect match.
I was dead until then,
He brought me to life.
However, he
Turned his back on me then,
Frightened by me, my
ugliness, my grotesque form, my
Yellowed eyes, my
Ashen face. My

Creator abandoned me
Without a word, but
With a cry so remorseful,
His regret, shame and guilt
Still sounds in my ears
In my eternal solitude.

I am the child of love
Created with passion.
Then how could he leave me,
Bewildered, carving for love?
I did not know life;
There was no sense of belongingness,
No love that could
Break my heart
Into a million pieces.

It was he who
Made my heart beat,
One pulse, then two,
Then life flooded in
And with it, consciousness
And conscience.
What was my fault?
What was my sin?
Should I be angry?
Should I not love him anymore
Because my creator
Did not catch me
As I fell through
The darkness of despair?

Every day, one wakes up
With a new hope.
I wish, I did not have to
Wake up with the fear of rejection
And loneliness, of being loathed
At the first sight,
Of always being known as
Frankenstein’s Monster.


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