The Vagabond

Image Source: Pintrest

Arms crossed against her chest,
Her legs stretched out,
She sat in silence,
As if her heart lies
In the restricted territory,
With a STOP sign dismissing
Whoever wished to pass.

She stared into nothingness,
Her eyes fixated
On an invisible story, as though
Searching for a suitable ending.

She intrigued me
With her demeanour.
Yet, the rhythmic movement
Of her dangling earrings,
The glimmer of her
Grey eyes lined with kohl,
The curves of her copper lips
Taking shape each time
She smiled,
It is etched onto
My memory.

Not always, she was silent,
Not with her telltale expressions
When something crossed her mind.

Did she catch a glimpse of
Yet to begin journeys, or
Of obscure places, which
Waited to be discovered, or
Of those whom she would be
Pleased to meet?

Now, as she loses herself
On the busy streets of
Cities, towns and villages,
Exploring old buildings and
Discovering new cultures,
I am looking outside
The imposing windows
Of my house
Wondering, why
Am I thinking of her?

She reminds me of love-
Fearless, adventurous,
And so passionate,
Almost complex,
Nevertheless, she is
Desirous and desirable.

She was quiet one moment
And blatant the next;
I heard her in her stories,
I was in her stream of consciousness.


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