Of Infinite Love and Compassion – Yamuna


She seems to stand still,
Her demeanor, mournful,
Moving sluggishly within her boundary,
Thickened, dirty water,
Not limited, though she is, by its limitations.

In her stillness she has
Watched generations
Exploiting her holiness
In the name of religion,
In the name of Prathā, Paramparā.
Nevertheless, she advances.

They say, it is because of her
Love for Krishna, she is so dark.
They say, it is because she
Consumed impurities and
Swallowed sorrows
Since the beginning of time.

Times have changed,
She now swallows poison.

They say, sorrows held inside
Surface in ugly forms.
Would she too
Cause havoc when
All is said and done?
Breaking boundaries unannounced,
An unstoppable madness,
Would she look back?

She waits for now,
Deathly silent, always accepting.

She is a nurturer, a mother,
Exploited, polluted and blackened she may be,
Savage, she may be, at annihilating
When it is time.
Yet, she is compassionate,
Putting forth love
She cleanses selflessly,
Ridding man of his sins.

Bearing new life,
She births a new hope.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. That is a truly beautiful poem. Thank you

    1. Iliena Bosu says:

      Thank you. 🙂 And thanks for reading my poem.

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