A Coward’s Love

Purple Rose Wide Desktop Background
Purple Rose

She would close her eyes
To picture his face.
Whom did he see,
When she was only a touch away?

Her heart beat for him
Like a pulse resounds,
In absolute silence;
Low at first, then maddeningly loud.

With every breath, she inhaled hope;
With every breath, she let her fears go.
Whom did he breathe in,
If not her?

She knew he would refuse
She knew he would forget
She knew she could not
Ever love again.

And yet, every time
He looked past her,
Her galloping heartbeat
Faltered and fell.

Did his heart too
Grew wings and flew
Away as if, it never belonged to him?
And at night, did it too, quietly sat
By someone’s open window?

Because he knew her laugh,
And he knew her tears,
And he knew
What his dastardly heart would say,

He let her die the death
She begged and waited for.
What did her love bring him
If not fear?


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