The Rock Dove

Headless Rock Pigeon on a Wire
Photo credit: AntoGros


Every time I look through the window,
A peek outside, and he is there.
He sits quietly contemplating,
What, I cannot tell.

He just sits there
And stares at nothing in particular,
Though I think he peeps in
Through the open doors and windows
Of the houses he sits facing;
The owners, unaware of the ‘Peeping Tom’.

The wind ruffles his plumage,
Makes them stand up,
And he looks more ruggedly handsome.
Yet his calm composure
Makes me wonder
What is he thinking about?

I have seen him looking at me;
His red eyes touch my heart softly.
He says nothing
Just silently gazes at me
For a second or two
Then takes off immediately.

I scare him. He takes me as a threat.
He just doesn’t understands
I mean him no harm.
I like his distant company.

But he and his companion,
They stay together most of the time.
Sometimes I can even hear them talk,
I wish I could understand a word they say.

At times, I see him sitting all by himself.
But often in the evenings, I find them together,
Sitting close, snuggled up sometimes;
I watch them watching the sunset.

Nature and love
Or should I say love’s nature,
Can anything be more
Fascinating than this?

They live like outcasts,
Just the two of them;
Disowned for being a little different,
Yet they are together
In some bizarre twisted way.

I think they are lovers.
I hope they are lovers.
They remind me how beautiful love is.


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  1. LilMissJoan says:

    Love it

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